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Our environment is our life support system:  from the air we breathe and water we drink to the food we grow and raw materials we use to build our houses.  These natural resources provide many other kinds of benefit too, providing the environmental settings for living and enjoying our lives and contributing to our health and well-being.


The environment in Seiriol is distinct and special and as a community we need to recognise and sustainably manage what makes Seiriol special so we can all benefit today and so our children can benefit in the future.


That is why its important that the people of Seiriol – YOU - contribute your ideas and projects to identify, protect, manage and set objectives for the sustainable management of our environment.  Please become actively involved and shape where we go from here.


As a community we have started to think about our environment:


- We realise that through our local knowledge and long-term interest we are best placed to decide and gain most benefit, but

- We also know we need to work with public service providers and other bodies effectively and ‘talk their language’ as they also play a big role in shaping our future.


The language and ideas in our ‘thinking’ documents reflect this.  But the voice currently missing is that from YOU!  We need more people to become actively involved.  So if the Environment interests you then please get in touch.


This document gathers early thoughts from workshops and a small discussion group, setting out some principles and ideas.

This document explores possible relationships between community, public service providers, and others parts of the Pobl Seiriol Alliance.

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